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Tax Credits & Utility Rebates

There are many tax credit/utility rebates available to assist customers wanting to purchase premium efficiency HVAC systems. We need to note that Aire Solutions and its staff are not your tax advisors nor do we represent the many utility companies whose customers we serve. We present this information as a service, but we do not pay the rebates or the tax credits. If you have questions, you need to seek counsel from your tax advisor and your utility company.

The federal government has in place a 30% tax credit for the installation of geothermal heat pumps and solar hot water and solar electric systems. Aire Solutions has a number of geothermal systems available and sells the Lennox solar electric panels as well as thermal panels for the generation of hot water.

Many utilities have programs for geothermal and solar panels. Ozark Border, Semo Electric, Black River Electric, Ameren Electric, and Citizens Electric have rebates for geothermal heat pumps, air source heat pumps, and/or solar panels. Ask us about your provider and then verify your particular situation with your provider.

As an example of what you might see, would be an Ozark Border customer who is installing a geo system. Their initial cost might be $15,000. The 30% federal tax credit would yield a $4500 tax credit and the Ozark Border rebate could represent a $3000 savings. The end result would be a system that has a net cost to the homeowner of $7500 or about the same cost as a standard system.

There are still some smaller utility rebates for air source and gas systems from some utilities. Again, please contact Aire Solutions for more information.