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Generator Services

Expert Generator Installation in Poplar Bluff, MO

Stay Powered Up During Outages for Ultimate Peace of Mind.

During the average week, 3.5 Million U.S. residents lose power. Power outages can be more than just an inconvenience. They have the potential to disrupt your daily life, damage appliances, compromise vital medical equipment, and leave you feeling vulnerable in your own home. With weather patterns worsening and much uncertainty in our power grid, whole-house generators are quickly becoming the next “must-have” home appliance.

With a whole-home generator from Aire Solutions, you gain reliable backup power and the invaluable peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is protected. Our expert technicians provide comprehensive generator installation, maintenance, and repair in Poplar Bluff, MO, and the surrounding areas, ensuring your generator is always ready when you need it most.

Don’t Get Left in the Dark. Let Us Find Your Perfect Generator.

Don’t let power outages disrupt your life. Schedule your free, no-obligation generator consultation today and discover how to safeguard your home.

Types of Generators We Offer

Aire Solutions recommends Kohler generators. These industrial-quality units will provide full power to your home with exceptional starting capacity for heavy loads. The unit is designed to operate today’s most sophisticated appliances and has a digital voltage regulator to protect electronics from harmonic distortion (an effect created by unstable power).

Our most popular generators are “whole-house” units that power the entire home. No more having to pick and choose which outlets to power in an outage or running extension cords around your home. These units are fully automatic, repowering your home within 60 seconds of an outage. They will start automatically when the electricity fails, warm up for 30 seconds, and then provide power to the home until the electricity is restored.

All of our generators can be supplied by propane or natural gas. We offer a variety of sizes in each series so we can design and install the unit that is right for you!

Keep the Lights On in Any Weather

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Why More Homeowners Choose Aire Solutions for Generator Services

Whole-House Approach

As a company dedicated to your complete satisfaction, we know how important it is to focus on the big picture: your comfort, safety, health, & home energy savings.

Promises Kept

We stand behind our promise: that we will always respect you, your home, your time, & your hard-earned money.

Experienced Technicians

Our technicians are highly trained, prompt & professional, spending 40+ hours per year on continuing education.

Advanced Technology

A high-efficiency system uses less energy & cuts down on utility costs. We can install & repair the industry’s leading-edge equipment.

Benefits of a Whole-Home Generator

A whole-home generator offers far more than just backup power during an outage. It’s a valuable investment in your comfort and peace of mind. Beyond mere backup power, it provides a shield against unpredictable outages and can even contribute to both energy savings and increased home value.

These systems provide a range of benefits that enhance your comfort, security, and the overall value of your home:

  • PEACE OF MIND: Rest assured that your essential appliances, lighting, and systems will seamlessly continue functioning even when the grid goes down. This translates to less worry and greater security during unexpected outages.
  • CONVENIENCE: Whole-home generators automatically activate within seconds of a power loss. There’s no scrambling for flashlights, running extension cords, or manually switching circuits – simply uninterrupted power.
  • PROTECTION FOR YOUR HOME: Prevent costly damage to sensitive electronics and appliances caused by power surges and fluctuations that can occur when the power returns. A generator ensures a smooth transition and safeguards your belongings.
  • INCREASED HOME VALUE: A whole-home generator is a desirable feature for homebuyers, adding value to your property if you decide to sell.
  • ENERGY SAVINGS: Some modern generators can help you manage your energy consumption more effectively. Features like load management can potentially lower your overall energy costs.

Hear from Our Satisfied Customers

Power Your Peace of Mind – Call Aire Solutions Today!

Today’s modern electricity demands mean more homeowners need protection against unexpected blackouts. Whether an outage is caused by severe weather or a nearby accident, you deserve uninterrupted service to keep your family safe and your home comfortable. Let our team help you find and finance the ideal system for your needs.

Don’t wait for the next outage to disrupt your routine, damage your appliances, or leave your family vulnerable. Protect your home and gain peace of mind with a reliable whole-home generator from Aire Solutions. We provide expert installation, maintenance, and repair services across Southeast Missouri. Let us help you gain power over your comfort and security.