Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation

If you have a concrete or dirt crawl space that is damp or musty, Aire Solutions can help. We’re an authorized Basement Systems dealer and we offer the professional installation of the CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System. This includes products that prevent crawl space moisture by encapsulating the area with a vapor barrier (20-mil-thick material, similar to a pool liner), closing the crawl space vents, and conditioning the space, providing you with a healthier crawl space and home!



Is Your Crawl Space Affecting Your Health?

Damp environments, like an unconditioned crawl space, are unhealthy and destructive. They are places where mold thrives and spreads and where insects and critters of all kinds love to live and die. Crawl spaces cause heating and cooling costs to rise, especially if you have a vented dirt crawl space. Rot and decay occur in damp environments as well, causing structural damage to the organic building materials of which a house is made.

To add to this, natural air flow in a house goes from bottom to top. This sucks moist air and everything in it up into the living areas of the home. Mold spores, humidity, odors, and insects create unhealthy environments for people. Many people are allergic to these things and experience a host of symptoms, often not realizing that their crawl space is affecting their health. We’ve heard countless stories of how people with an unconditioned crawl spaces felt poorly in their own home, but felt better elsewhere.

Basement Systems

Solving Crawl Space Moisture Problems

Once standing water is removed, the problem of moisture in the crawl space, typically from high levels of humidity, can be addressed. For homes with damp or wet crawl spaces, installing a vapor barrier is the first step, and in some cases the only step needed, to solve the problem. In most cases, additional products and sealing are required. Aire Solutions employees train at the Basement Systems International Headquarters in Connecticut. Many of our employees have earned the esteemed title “Certified Waterproofing Professional.”

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