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Air Conditioning Installation

At Aire Solutions, we understand no other system in your home plays a more important role in your comfort, or how much your utility bill will be, than your heating and air conditioning system. We can install or design any type of heating or cooling system for a home or light commercial building. We install high-efficiency comfort systems designed to be cost-effective and customized for your home’s and family’s needs.

We offer several well-known brands of equipment for you to choose from. While brand is important, it is not the determining factor in how long the equipment lasts or how well it performs. The proper installation of your system is crucial. A correctly installed system provides maximum comfort and energy savings. For more information about brand and your satisfaction read this PDF article: Does Brand Matter? Click the Trane logo below to view our current Trane products.

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Installing the right size equipment for your home is essential to getting the best performance and comfort. Many homeowners believe that bigger is better when buying new heating and cooling equipment. In reality, a system that’s too large will not keep your home comfortable because of frequent on/off cycling. Incorrect sizing can also put stress on system components and shorten the equipment’s life. The EPA recommends HVAC contractors perform a Manual J Load Calculation in order to properly size your equipment. Many HVAC companies do not follow the EPA’s recommendation. Our company has the training and equipment to perform this analysis. By using the heat gain/loss load calculation process, we can guarantee your system will heat and cool to your satisfaction.

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Unfortunately, more than half of new systems in U.S. homes do not perform to their rated efficiency as a result of improper installation. In fact, improper installation can reduce performance by as much as 30%. This not only affects your utility bills, but can lead to a variety of comfort problems, including insufficient dehumidification, dust from leaking ductwork, and poor air distribution.

What Sets Our Installations Apart?

Companies can focus on finding the cheapest materials and labor and let you pay the long-term consequences, or focus on providing quality materials and products, installed by the best trained technicians to provide you with the best long-term value. Hint: we fall into the second category.

Whether it is the extra thick over-sized pad under your outdoor unit, the E-Z trap for your condensate drain, or the fact we perform a certified start-up on every system, our attention to details makes for a higher quality installation, longer equipment life, and simpler maintenance.

Aire Solutions’ install teams go above and beyond when installing your system. Our technicians wear carpet protectors over their work boots and place drop cloths on flooring to ensure your home remains clean. If we make a mess, we clean it up. We remove your old equipment and properly dispose of it as per EPA regulations, relieving you of this burden. During installation, our teams keep you updated on their progress and explain the process as necessary. After installation, the technicians review the operation of your system and thermostat with you, and answer any questions. Placing your trust in us is a decision you will not regret.

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